Specific terms and conditions

ProbeTubes.com requires companies and individuals working with “the SOH-profit probe tubes” to meet the following requirements:

That they are certified hearing care professionals, or have successfully completed an equivalent and recognized training, in which REM measurements were included in the teaching package and were also taken as a subject.

And in general, that they have sufficient knowledge and experience to perform a REM measurement using the correct method, either they are qualified AND competent.

That persons who perform REM measurements as part of their training, only do this under the supervision of an authorized person

That they perform the measurements completely in accordance with the applicable standards and

That they always perform a careful otoscopy prior to a measurement and that the ear is sufficiently accessible and clean for the measurement.

That they will not use the “SOH-profit-REM-tubes” on clients / patients who are hypersensitive to silicone materials.

That they perform “maximum care” when performing the measurements

That they will store and / or store the SOH-REM tubes only in the original grip packaging

That they only remove the required number of tubes from the packaging

That they realize and act on the fact that the tubes according to the Infection Control Directive fall under the category “clean” and are therefore not “sterile”, comparable to the status of otoscopy funnels


That they will always set the marker to the correct position (length) in advance

  • Customized setting according to the insight and experience of the practitioner
  • In the absence, or partial absence of an eardrum (including perforations), the marker should never be set to a length longer than 28 mm

That they will always calibrate the REM probes before a measurement That they will check every calibration by performing a REUG measurement. A flat line must be found

That they ensure that the markers will always remain visible outside the ear canal, in order to keep an eye on the placement of the tube

That they do not perform measurements on ears that hurt, are bloodied, are not clean, or cannot be overlooked.

That they do not measure ears that are inflamed, wet or damp

That they ensure that the eardrum is never touched when the tube is placed

That they remove the tubes from the measuring microphones immediately after taking the REM measurements and that they dispose them in an environmentally responsible manner.

That they will never reuse SOH-REM tubes

That they always state the run number on the packaging with every claim or report, so that the tube can be traced.

That the input of the measuring microphones are regularly checked for contamination or residue and that any contamination is immediately removed.


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