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The mission of our company Probe tubes is to get hearing care professionals excited about Real Ear Measurements, by providing information and training in the performance of measurements and supplying premium quality probes tubes for very low prices.

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Product Info

We supply silicone probe tubes of the highest quality.
Contents per package contain 2 strips of 25 pieces.
Prices starting from as low as € 0.40 per probe tube (500 pieces).

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Probe tubes

from idea to product

Many hearing care professionals clean their used probe tubes with alcohol again, in the ultrasonic cleaner, or store the tubing for re-use with the same client, in the client’s state. Obviously this is not the intended way in which disposables should be used.

However, some justification is in order, because the commonly available disposables are often so expensive that it hurts enormously to throw €2.00 in the garbage per measurement. This was also a source of irritation at Second Opinion and for that reason we started looking for a way to have our own probe tubes available in a cheaper way.

Probe tubes real ear measurement

Probe tubes for an acceptable price

After more than a year of thinking, drawing, experimenting and improving, we have now managed to realize a production process in-house, with which we can produce REM tubes in a cost-effective way, at a much more acceptable price. These probes are now used to their full satisfaction by a large number of hearing care professionals. And since April 2020, we can also issue a CE mark on it.

The savings that you can achieve on an annual basis, by using our tubes, is quite interesting for many hearing care providers. If you assume that you measure every customer twice and you sell devices to 200 customers, you will need 800 tubes per year. By buying them from us, you can achieve a cost saving of around € 400, for which you hardly have to do anything.

This way you can dispose of used probe tubes with a clear conscience, which means that you no longer have any hassle to clean them again. With these disposables you work hygienically and as intended.

Probe tube in ear