Real Ear Measurement (REM)

Nearly every hearing aid specialist makes use of REM measuring, also known as PMM measuring (Probe Microphone Measurement).

Below this tab you will find an explanation of the various measurements.

  • Real Ear Measurement in general
  • The measuring equipment
  • Calibration of the probe tube
  • Sound deformation by the open ear canal
  • The influence of the sound deformation due to the use of earmoulds or dome measurements by the Real Ear Occluded Gain (REOG)
  • The total sound volume in the ear, the Real Ear Aided Response  a.k.a. REAR
  • The total amplification in the ear, the Real Ear Aided Gain, a.k.a. REAG
  • The effective amplification (the improvement) Real Ear Insertion Gain, a.k.a. REIG
  • Hearing aid verification while using the targets of the hearing aid manufacturers and AutoREM or AutoFIT